Assistance on capital market operations. Representation of investment banks, national and international issuing and promisor companies in various capital market operations, including: Public offerings for the distribution of shares; certificates of deposit of shares and other securities, with sales efforts in Brazil and/or abroad; public offerings for the acquisition of shares; repurchase plans; opening and closing capital of open companies; and offerings for the exchange of securities.

Assistance in financing operations for large projects (“Project Finance”), assistance to national and international financial institutions to set up financial operations in Brazil or abroad. Advice to national companies on the allowance and taking of loans in national and foreign currency, and the various forms of security. Preparation, negotiation and implementation of financial operations in the international area and its guarantees, involving plans for renegotiation of the country’s external debt or the entry of new currencies. Structuring of guarantees: bonds, sureties, deposit for credit instruments, commercial and/or industrial pledge, chattel mortgage, domain reservation, real estate mortgage, aircraft, ships and platforms.

Legal consultancy on the raising of funds abroad by Brazilian companies, with commitment to Brazilian exports (export securitization) or through the issuance of commercial paper, bonds, certificates of deposit, floating rate notes, fixed rate notes.