Consultancy on environmental legislation, legal assistance for compliances and obtaining licenses and authorizations, including management of pleadings with agencies and other government agencies for environmental protection.

Conduction of complex environmental licensing processes, including oil & gas and infrastructure activities in general, participation in public hearings and supporting the definition of social investment included in the procedure – in conjunction with the practice of Third Sector and Social Responsibility.

Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings involving issues of environmental law, considering various strategies and differentiated solutions for conflict resolution, which includes interlocution with federal, state and municipal environmental agencies. Assistance in negotiating and execution of agreements, heads of agreement and conduct modification.

Guidance on complex cases of contaminated areas involving affected communities and implementation of a reverse logistics system with multiple actors from the production, consumption and civil society chain.

Realization of environmental audits for various purposes and definition of action plans to compliance with legislation and mitigate risks, liabilities and contingencies, including for financial institutions.

Identification of sustainable business development opportunities, as well as ways to comply with environmental legislation considering available economic instruments.

Guidance to clients in the evaluation of contractual and extra-contractual environmental responsibilities involving the purchase and sale of real estate and other assets, solid waste management, compliance with the Forest Code, transportation of dangerous goods, basic sanitation and in the design of projects aimed at the carbon market and the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.