Assistance in all matters related to companies in financial difficulties, including debt restructuring projects, out-of-court recovery, judicial recovery and bankruptcy, representing investors, creditors, partners/shareholders or debtors.

We also gave assistance to investors interested in assets of companies in financial difficulties, in out-of-court recovery, judicial recovery or bankrupt estate assets, involving risk analysis, preparation of agreements, negotiation and development of legal structures and recovery plans that may make the investment feasible.

Assistance to financial institutions and investors in financing allowances for companies in financial difficulties and in out-of-court or judicial recovery proceedings.

Judicial participation in defense of creditors’ interests and recovery of their claims against debtors in out-of-court recovery, judicial recovery and bankruptcy proceedings; participation in ad hoc creditor committees; coordination and defense of the interests of creditor groups; negotiations with debtors and other creditors; review of agreements and recovery plans; proposal of judicial measures and to interpose an appeal

Preparation of memoranda and opinions on the application, extension and institutes of Brazilian bankruptcy law, such as succession, novation, assets disposal form, application of foreign law, credits subject and excluded from the effects of judicial recovery, international effects of insolvency proceedings, among others.

Assistance in turnaround management, bankruptcy, qualification and credit appeal, monitoring the liquidation of companies, renegotiation and administration of liabilities, business planning, corporate reorganization and restructuring, establishment of companies, purchase and sale of assets and share participations.