Today, the firm has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and several branches in Brazil, in addition to an integrated network of computers, professional financial administration service, paralegal staff, as well as consultants (engineers, auditors, accountants, experts, chemists, among others) in various areas, including chemical industry, electricity, shipbuilding, domestic and international financial market, accounting, geophysical prospecting and oil exploration, among others.

  In addition, as part of its growth strategy, the firm has invested in successful professional partnerships with firms in some of the most important capitals of the world, which today, certainly, makes us one of the largest and most competent law companies in Brazil.

  The head of the firm is entrusted to its holder, Dr. Jorge Vacite Neto, speaker, lecturer, militant lawyer with recognized and updated knowledge – in addition to an extensive experience – in the fields of Civil, Commercial, Corporate and Financial Law. The team also includes other lawyers with significant experience and trainees from the most prestigious law schools from this capital city, as well as the consultancy of renowned Masters in law.

By combining high level professionals with the ideal of providing excellent services, we can say that our goals have been achieved. Today, the firm has a clientelle that involves small, medium and large domestic companies, as well as medium and large foreign companies, in addition to world-renowned multinationals.

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Specialized in the various fields of law, the company was created from the idea of innovating the concept of modern large-scale law through the provision of agile services and excellence in various fields of law. As a way to achieve this goal, the founders of the firm invested in bringing together reputed young lawyers brilliant in the academic and professional milieu, and in building an infrastructure capable of meeting the demand for large-scale advocacy.


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